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A group of starling jumps into the violet dawn sky, stirring the air carrying the scent of neroli flowers. Sunflowers await the sun spreading their leaves, giving big smiles toward the eastern horizon. Life starts to bloom everywhere on the red soil.

One day in the afternoon, while everyone indulging in siesta under the shade to escape from the hot breath of the sun, a starling resting on the branch of an old olive tree has talked to the sunflowers.
"Hey, why you guys look exactly like the sun?"


A sunflower smiled and replied,
"Because we love him!"

The starlings chirped.
"He is very dangerous! it's so hot that he burns everything."
"Yeah, our wings may be burnt away!"

The sunflower looked over the talkative starlings and offered a beautiful smile to them, even though she knew she would burn out her life soon.
"Yes, but look at me! The sun gives us wonderful gifts. Did  you know? Pieces of the sun!"


Then she bowed, spread pieces of the sun on the ground, stared at her shade, still feeling the sunlight on her back.

"The sun is shining in a distant sky and we are living with roots on the earth. I can not give him even a kiss but only I can do is to receive his light, carrying my seeds to starlings...pieces of light. "

Though it seemed like an everlasting moment, but now it has gone. Silence covers the red soil of Andalusia, the sun remains high in the sky, starlings flying over the olive trees.


Only "Pieces of the sun" has been left on the ground, sparkling  gems of   beautiful monochrome striped pattern. Surely the field will turn into shining golden smiles again, in the beginning of next summer.

(Neroli: Orange flowers, white and small star shaped with sensual scent)

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