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コトバムシ は、人間の意識・無意識をすみかにする仮想の生きものです。



"WORD WORM (KOTOBA-MUSHI) is a hypnotic creature, living in human mind, both consciousness and unconsciousness. They represent the creative procedure how I write. They hatch, swarm, and fly. They emerge, affect, break out, and die. And they will be born again. Do they feel pain or joy when they hatch? What is the trigger to make them form a poetry? 


This is a project to cultivate WORD WORM and preserve as a series of specimen, "Modern style TANKA/WAKA (Japanese ancient poetry)" and “1 minute Pillow Talks” (Short dialogues of science fantasy) to describe sur-romantic emotions and scientific mindscape by enigmatic and metaphysical way of wording.

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